• Octa core (4 High-Performance Cores) + (4 Efficiency Cores with Vector Co-processor) with AI/ML accelerator
  • Dedicated Security Co-Processor
  • HDMI Display -> 3D with Ray Tracing with 4k Video ENDEC
  • Android and Linux support
  • 64 GB DDR5 + UFS 3.x flash + PCIe (Gen4/5)
  • Giga Ethernet + 5G/6G
  • Triple Camera support
  • Planned Parts
    • INV8TBLT : Secure and high data throughput Tablet
      engine to build low cost Ruggedized Tablet for
      Students and Business.
    • INV8RUPC : Low cost Secure PC running Secure India OS. For Schools and Rural Businesses.
    • INV8SOHO : Secure and Low Cost Small Office and Home Office Server